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Grizzlies Gone Viral: Watch a LIVE Feed of Wild Alaskan Bears

Here’s a front row seat.

Brooks Falls in Alaska’s Kat­mai National Park is one of the best places in the world to watch wild griz­zlies. Now, thanks to, you can now do it from the com­fort of home. They’ve set up remote-control cam­eras to cap­ture one of North America’s great­est wildlife spec­ta­cles. Each year, up to 100 griz­zlies gather at Brooks Falls to feast on Sock­eye Salmon. Keep the feed open all day. It takes patience or luck to watch one nab a leap­ing salmon.    



How to Prevent 10 Common Hiking Injuries

Don’t fall vic­tim to these com­mon pitfalls.

To prop­erly intro­duce some­one to the out­doors you must make their expe­ri­ence as pos­i­tive as pos­si­ble. And while pre­cau­tion is the best treat­ment for com­mon hik­ing injuries, some­times a blis­ter or twisted ankle is inevitable. And when you bust out that first aid kit to resolve any dis­com­forts, the most impor­tant thing you can pack with you is the knowl­edge of how to use your sup­plies and prop­erly alle­vi­ate any ail­ments you may encounter. So here’s what you need to


Gear Love

MSR Quick Solo: One Pot to Rule Them All

The do-everything pot.

If you need one pot for back­pack­ing, car camp­ing, and even in home use, then take a closer look at the Quick Solo Pot from MSR. The 1.3-liter pot can cook up a tasty din­ner for one per­son no prob­lem. The large sur­face area on the base gath­ers heat for speedy cook times, and the vented lid allows steam to escape while keep­ing the water at a roil­ing boil. What makes the Quick Solo Pot ideal is its light­weight, com­pact shape


180 South Tents – A Clymb Exclusive

Two Clymb employ­ees put 180 South tents to the test at the Deschutes River.

I pitched the Juniper 2 in a juniper grove entirely by acci­dent. Myself, and a buyer at The Clymb, Brett Cas­sidy, were camp­ing at the Deschutes River and we had the good for­tune to give these new 180 South tents that are exclu­sive to The Clymb a trial run. The world-famous salmonfly hatch was on, and a cur­sory glance at the river­bank grass revealed these thumb-sized bugs in abun­dance. I was anx­ious to wet my line, so I jumped out of



Meet Bond Girl and Fearless Adventurer Rachel Grant

Her life is even more adven­tur­ous off-screen.

Bond girl and adven­turer Rachel Grant is no stranger to dan­ger. In fact, she thrives on it. Grant has trav­eled to almost 70 coun­tries and done every­thing from hik­ing active vol­ca­noes to div­ing with sharks. She is also a cav­ing expert and in 2012 led a team down to a cave and under­ground river in the Philip­pines that had never been entered. Grant has much to say about her love of extreme sports and about acting—and how and where her two


Out There

South America’s Most Dangerous Whitewater

Wel­come to the big leagues.

If you’ve run Lava Falls on the Col­orado or the Bull Sluice on the Chat­tooga then you know a thing or two about the biggest rapids in North Amer­ica. But if you’re look­ing to expand your hori­zons, then look no fur­ther: Here’s a run­down of some of the fiercest rapids in South Amer­ica. Rio Futaleufú, Upper Sec­tion, Chile The lower sec­tion of the Futaleufú River might not pose much of a chal­lenge for sea­soned rafters, but you’d bet­ter have years of


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