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7 Images That Changed The Outdoors Forever

The shots that inspired a movement.

Wan­derer Above the Sea of Fog by Cas­par David Friedrich, 1918 You prob­a­bly thought images meant photographs—and most on this list are, but not all. Mod­ern out­door recre­ation owes much of its her­itage to the Roman­tic Move­ment that started in the late 18th cen­tury. Where the Enlight­en­ment Move­ment before it had been inspired by intel­lec­tual ratio­nal­ism car­ried out in secluded places like Voltaire’s gar­den or Jefferson’s Mon­ti­cello, the Roman­tic Move­ment cel­e­brated the raw power of nature, set in dra­matic land­scapes like



Running the World’s Toughest Race

He goes the dis­tance, and then some.

Mike Ehredt can claim a lot of feats to his name. He’s an army vet­eran who has qual­i­fied for the National Time Trial Cham­pi­onships twice as a cat­e­gory 2 cyclist. He also com­pleted Eco-Challenged in Asia, ran the Marathon des Sables sev­eral times and even won a canoe ori­en­teer­ing cham­pi­onship. None of those feats, how­ever, com­pare to com­plet­ing one of the world’s tough­est races: the Hardrock 100 Endurance Run. We set down to speak with Ehredt’s about his accom­plish­ments, and also about



CLIF Bar: Do You Adventure?

Choose your own adventure.

Three Ques­tions: 1. Do you remem­ber those ‘Choose Your Own Adven­ture’ books you read as a kid? - Of course you do. 2. Do you think CLIF Bars are Deli­cious? — DUH! 3. Do you adven­ture? — We’ll let you answer this one your­self when you check out this cool new INTERACTIVE video from CLIF Bar. Click away, the pos­si­bil­i­ties are endless.  



The Forgotten Columbia River

The Northwest’s best watery recre­ation hides in plain sight.

Sit­ting on the bank of the Colum­bia River eat­ing lunch, I noticed a canoe round­ing the cor­ner. A few min­utes later, a pad­dler on a SUP passed by. This was unusual. In my twenty years of kayak­ing the Colum­bia Gorge, I’ve encoun­tered less than ten other pad­dlers. Total. In two decades. The Colum­bia River Gorge is an out­doors mecca; Port­land, Hood River, and White Salmon are all out­door towns. Hik­ers cause traf­fic jams on pop­u­lar trails up the side creeks of the Colum­bia Gorge, like


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Gear Love

Merrell: The Ultimate Trail Running Outfit

The gear you need to run wild.

Here at Clymb HQ we’re lucky to have For­est Park in our back­yard. Hit­ting the trails on a lunchtime run just plain feels good, but the best part about our job is get­ting to sell the gear we’re most pas­sion­ate about. Mer­rell trail gear is very high on that list. We’ve sam­pled nearly every­thing they’ve made, and here are a few of our favorites. Happy trails! All­out Charge Trail Run­ning Shoes  The mesh uppers on these bad boys are truly the best —


MSR Quick Solo: One Pot to Rule Them All

The do-everything pot.

If you need one pot for back­pack­ing, car camp­ing, and even in home use, then take a closer look at the Quick Solo Pot from MSR. The 1.3-liter pot can cook up a tasty din­ner for one per­son no prob­lem. The large sur­face area on the base gath­ers heat for speedy cook times, and the vented lid allows steam to escape while keep­ing the water at a roil­ing boil. What makes the Quick Solo Pot ideal is its light­weight, com­pact shape


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